Queen Anne Large round flat tray
Queen Anne Large round flat tray

Queen Anne Large round flat tray

If you are looking for a gorgeous flat tray to serve snacks or hold all kinds of odds and ends, then look no further than this large round tray from Queen Anne. This sturdy and aesthetically pleasing tray is very useful for holding a large number of items at once. The beautiful floral design on this multi-functional tray makes it look very attractive and enhances the appeal of food or any other item placed on it. The tray is silver-plated with high-quality material which is resistant to tarnish and does not require polishing for its upkeep. The tray measures 36.5 cms in diameter and weighs only 0.70 kg making it quite light for its size.


  • High-quality tarnish-resistant silver-plating
  • Beautiful floral pattern to give an attractive look
  • No polishing required making it low maintenance
  • Large 36.5 cms diameter to hold plenty of items at once
  • Lightweight at 0.70 kgs only
  • Material: Silver Plated
  • Size: 36.5 Dia cms
  • Weight: 0.70 kg
  • Code: QA-0/6192